Q1. How to Register?

Ans.: You can register at anytimeproperty.com through following two methods i) simple quick registration method ii) detailed registration method.

  • Click for “Quick registration” form which requires only basic details like username, password, email id and mobile no. To add property / add directory / post requirement, the users have to fulfil the remaining registration process.
  • – Click for “Registration Form” on Login page and fill up a simple form. You can choose your profile type (Individual, Builder/Company, Agent) and the form gets changed dynamically.

Registered members of Anytimeproperty.com can avail free member benefits like Add property , Add requirement and etc.

Q2. What is Quick registration?

Ans.: Quick registration has been introduced to make the registration process easy. With the help of this, a user can submit legal/taxation queries and can view the property details by just providing basic details. Users have to verify their email address before login.

Q3. How much does it cost to register?

Ans.: Registration on Anytimeproperty.com is absolutely FREE ! Register now and avail exclusive member benefits for individuals, builders/Company and agents.

Q4. How to retrieve forgotten password?


  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.
  • Provide your username or email registered with us
  • Anytimeproperty team will send you email. Using the link in that email, you can change new password for your account.

Q5. How to change my account password?


  • -Login to “My Account” section
  • -Click on “Change Password” link under the “My Profile” section
  • -Enter your new password and confirm it by re-entering
  • -Your new password will be activated immediately

Q6. How to modify my profile?


  • Login to “My Account” section
  • Click on “Edit Profile” link under the “My Profile” section
  • Modify your profile
  • Your new profile will be activated immediately


Q1. Is registration required to search?

Ans.: No, Anyone can use Anytimeproperty.com search to find properties.

Q2. How to search for properties?

Ans.:We offers following search option types:-

  • -Property Search : This search helps you to find properties quickly on the basis of the type of transaction (Buy/Rent PG), type of property, Location (City) and Budget ..
  • Detailed Search : This search enables you to find properties quickly on the basis of Locality, Build Area, Budget, Age of Construction and amenities..
  • Search by Locality : This search helps you to find properties in the specific locality of your choice. We have compiled a comprehensive list of localities across major cities. We keep on updating the list to serve you better.
  • Search by ID : Each property listed on Anytimeproperty.com consists a unique ID. Example: ATP1187. This search helps you to find a specific property by the ID.
  • Buyer Search : This search helps you to find a properties owned by the specific buyer.

Q3. How are properties sorted on search result page?

Ans.:By default on search result page, most recently added property listing are displayed on the top

Q4. Why “No records found” displayed on search result page?

Ans.:“No records found” is displayed when there are no properties listed on Anytimeproperty.com matching your search criteria

Post your Requirement

Q1. How to add my property for sale or rent on Anytimeproperty.com?

Ans.:Please click “Add Property” link on home page and enter your property location details, contact details, construction details. Your property listing becomes visible to users of Anytimeproperty.com after validation of data. Validation of listing is usually completed within 24 hours. After verification your property information will reach the potential buyers.

Q2. How long will my property listing be valid?

Ans.:Your property listing on Anytimeproperty.com, will be active and visible on search result page for a minimum period of 90 Days. This will ensure you maximum visibility and responses for your property. We will be sending you an intimation before your listing will expire and the listing will not be visible on search result page after this period.

Q3. How much does it cost to list my property?

Ans.:Listing your property on Anytimeproperty.com is absolutely FREE. You can post multiple property listings for FREE. However, this is a limited time free offer.

Q4. How do I receive responses on my property listing?

Ans.:You can receive responses to your listings in following ways:

  • E-MAIL – A send email link is provided in your property listing. Whenever a person interested in your property tries to contact you, an email is sent to your email id registered with us.
  • SMS – Whenever a person interested in your property tries to contact you, a SMS will be sent to your mobile number regsitered with us.
  • My Account – Every response to your listing sent to you by email is also saved in your account under My Responses Folder.

Q5. How to add a photograph to property listing?

Ans.:Following are the three easy ways to add photograph to your property listing

  • Direct Upload : Upload an image saved in your computer (.gif, .jpg format) of maximum size 200kb.
  • Email : Attach the property photo and mail them across to propertyimage@anytimeproperty.com. Please mention your name, username and the Anytimeproperty ID in the subject line of the mail.
  • Post : We will scan and upload the non digital photograph of your property. Please send the photograph mentioning your Name, Username and Anytimeproperty ID at the back of photograph to our contact address :

Q6. How to add a logo to property listing?

Ans.: An Agent/Broker, Builder and Corporate can add a logo to the property listing. The logo can be uploaded at the time of “Registration” or by clicking “Modify Profile” in My account. This logo will be visible along with the details of the listing

Q7. Why is my property/photograph not visible on the search result page?

Ans.:Properties posted by every member undergo a validation process and data is screened before the property listing/photographs are displayed on the site. The validation process usually takes 24 hours after which the property listing appears on search result page.

Q8. How to edit / add info / modify property listing?


  • Click on the appropriate category (Sale/Rent) in “My Properties” in “My area” section
  • Select the listing you wish to change.
  • You can modify your property details if the listing is in waiting for approval stage. Active properties are not allowed to edit.
  • Your modified details will be activated after approval.

Advertising Solutions

Q1. Why should I Post requirement?

Ans:We will send you updates on properties matching your requirements through email and SMS

Q2. How to Post my requirement?

Ans.:Please follow these easy steps to post your requirement and get updates on matching properties.

  • Existing users can login or new users can register on Anytimeproperty.com. It’s Free..
  • Provide details of your requirement by filling a simple form on “Post Requirement“ section.
  • Confirm the contact details to which responses will be sent.

Q3. How much does it cost to Post my requirement?

Ans.:Posting your requirement on Anytimeproperty.com is absolutely FREE. You can post multiple property requirements for FREE.

Q4. How do I receive responses for my posted requirements?

Ans.:All matching properties to your requirements will be automatically saved in your requirement folder under your account.

Q1. Why should I advertise on Anytimeproperty.com? 

Ans.:Advertising solutions on Anytimeproperty.com have been designed to help you reach out to the widest audience in the most cost-effective manner. We have customized solutions to suit Individuals or Agents/Brokers advertising needs, whether you are looking to list properties, or create banners for your company’s promotion on Anytimeproperty.com
Q2. What are the advertise options?

Ans.:We offers following advertise options:-

  • Builder gallery for builder/company
  • Project gallery for agent and individual
  • Featured projects for agent and individual
  • Premium gallery for agent, individual and builder/company
  • Home page pop-up advertisement
  • Sponsored property listings
  • Top banner advertisement slot
  • Promotional Mails will be sent to registered users
  • SMS will be sent to registered users
  • Header and footer advertisement slot in auto generated mails
  • Inner pages footer advertisement slot
  • Property search results listing page advertisement slot

For more details and samples, please visit our advertise page.

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